Monday, August 9, 2010

Living in the Real World

Since graduating two months ago, whenever I get together with my friends the majority of our conversation is about our jobs. We talk about how they are going, how we like them, and how we are settling in and starting to get in the groove of our "big girl jobs." By the end of the night, I always end up hearing the same thing: "You have, like, the best job ever!" And I have to agree with them.

For my first job out in the real world, I was really lucky to find such a great company. This position has allowed me to make an easy transition from student life to career life. Only two months have gone by and I already feel like I have learned more than I did my last semester of college, although I would never admit that to my parents or professors. So what have I been learning that has made my job the envy of all my friends?

One event I was so fortunate to be able to attend was the ISES-NCC Gala. It was a wonderful way for me to meet a lot of people in the industry, as well as having exposure to other companies. The gala was held at Terra in San Francisco, and it looked absolutely beautiful. The theme was The Elements, so each section of the evening was decorated accordingly. We provided the desserts, which had the element of fire. With that as the theme, we presented a quartet of fire-inspired desserts, whether it was torched, flambeed, or spicy. My personal favorite was the "Fiery Chocolate Mousse," which is a chocolate mousse with a bit of cayenne pepper. It is a fantastic combination of creamy chocolate, with a spicy kick at the very end. It was such a crowd pleaser!

On a more professional note, I have been learning a lot about the sales process. I have been working with Elaine on learning how to go about contacting potential clients, as well as handling requests for information. In addition to the actual process itself, I've been working on our new promotional and marketing materials. It has been a great experience to put my marketing minor to work! I have made new photo books to keep in our salon for visiting clients, and we are currently working on new brochures. We have also started producing a newsletter. Our first edition was sent out in early July where we started to get people thinking about the holiday season. In addition to the information on planning a successful holiday event, we included a new holiday inspired turkey burger recipe that is wonderful for those late summer barbecues. If you would like to join our mailing list, please send your name and email address to

We will be updating our website with new photos and menus soon. Check back here for an update on the website and on the new recipes we are working on!


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